Groundwater Resources – A Brief Overview

Groundwater Resources – A Brief Overview

Groundwater is the stored water found below the surface of earth in underground soil pores and in the cracks of large rock formations. An upper region of crystalline deposit or a unit of crushed stone is known as an aquifer if it is capable of supplying a useful amount of liquid precipitation. Aquifers are normally found in boreal and tectonic strata; however, they are also found in many pervious strata. Groundwater in this type of environment is a byproduct of fault-line movement and river flow. This liquid can be stored in the aquifer by a process of water abstraction, with the stored water coming from wells, springs and rivers.

Groundwater forms in rocks during the breakdown of solids and gases in the Earth’s crust. This happens on a daily basis at a rate which is largely determined by the development of the economy of the area in which the rock layers are located. This is especially true in arid and semi-arid areas.

Most groundwater is found in impervious strata. Sedimentary strata are formed through the deposition of heavier sediment layers. The strata are covered with a porous material such as fractured limestone or dolomite. A combination of these two types of sediments and other materials such as sand and fine clay can form what is known as an aquifer. In most basins, there are numerous aquifers which are interconnected through fractures in the earth’s surface.

The presence of pressure and other geological factors such as earthquakes can cause movement of the earth’s surface. Water, whether in a river or a groundwater source, is stored in porous rocks deep under the earth’s surface. As long as the supply of water is not diminished, the water will eventually find its way to the surface of the earth. This is one of the reasons why a shortage or excess of groundwater is a problem that people all over the world have to contend with.

Groundwater management is a science that deals with the utilization and disposal of the groundwater. This includes the use of pumps for moving water between the surface of the earth and underground. Groundwater is an essential resource for agriculture, industry, hydropower, recreation, and water for drinking. Water science plays a significant role in improving water availability.

Groundwater supplies are categorized into two categories: surface water and ground water. Surface water contains water that is found on the surface of the earth. Groundwater, on the other hand, is water that is stored underground in a natural aquifer. A natural aquifer is one that contains water regardless of the location on the planet.

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